The Critical Axis logo embraces imperfection with its slightly askew matrix. The upper right, and more aspirational quadrant is blocked off and colored outside the lines. The all caps, san serif Critical Axis word mark is disrupted by an exaggerated forward leaning line of the x that descends below the baseline of the text.

Consumer Model

The Consumer Model (also known as the Economic Model) has two profoundly conflicting definitions. The first definition focuses on a person’s perceived inability to work or be productive in society.

For Critical Axis, we instead choose to focus on an emerging definition, one that was originally written by Beth Haller in 1995: Disabled people “are shown to represent an untapped consumer group. Making society accessible could be profitable to businesses and society in general. If people with disabilities have access to jobs, they will have more disposable income. If people with disabilities have jobs, they will no longer need government assistance”.

Disability is an emerging $8T Market and our purchasing power is unparalleled. Ads that actually sell a product to disabled audiences or sell a product that is intended for disabled consumers will be tagged with ‘Consumer Model’.